GPMC Lehr Roller Rings

Composite materials for lehr roller rings developed together with glass producers and roller makers to specifically meet the needs of float glass manufacturing


GPMC rings

With GPMC rings, finding the right contact material for rollers located in the C, D, RET and F zones of the annealing lehr in float glass manufacturing plants is now a problem solved. Already approved by several leading glass manufacturers, GPMC rings offer exactly the properties required for smooth operations of the annealing lehr.

Thanks to their 100%-inorganic composition, GPMC rings feature an excellent long-term stability to high temperatures, and will not burn or oxidize when exposed to heat. GPMC rings also offer good insulating properties and a smooth surface, which makes them ideal for contact with hot glass. In addition, they enable the easy construction of ringed rollers which improves the circulation of air under the glass, and finally offer a superior resistance to glass cullet compared to compressible insulation board.

Please, contact us to discover how to use GPMC rings on new or refurbished lehr rollers.