Hot Glass Handling Materials

Non-organic materials that deliver superior performance for the handling of hot glass


Tactylit plate

By combining selected heat-resistant fibers and resins that have proven to prevent scratches, checks and residues on glass, Pyromeral Systems developed Tactylit®, a range of high-performance materials for hot glass handling in applications such as tableware, glass containers, cosmetic and perfume bottles, and medical glass.

With a composite structure that offers good mechanical strength and superior resistance to abrasion, and a formulation that provides an excellent stability at high temperatures, Tactylit is a unique material that resolves the shortcomings of traditional materials for hot glass handling. With its low thermal conductivity, Tactylit prevents checks on the glass. It is also characterized by its durability, as it does not burn, oxidize or melt when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Tactylit is ideal for dead plates, sweep-out inserts, transfer wheel paddles, stacker bar pads and custom inserts. Tactylit materials are ceramic-like composite technology, free of carcinogen or toxic substances.