Research and Application Development Services

Inventing the right high-temperature materials tailored to your requirements

Research and laboratory

Processes or systems involving high-temperatures are hardly ever conventional. On the contrary, new advanced materials (composites, ceramics, matrices, binders) or tailor-made solutions are often required to address the needs of most applications. This is why contracted research and application development services are an important part of our activity. For such situations, Pyromeral Systems is a reliable partner to help you in the development of the heat-resistant materials that meets your objectives. We participate in programs sponsored by various government agencies, as well as R&D initiatives led by various corporations, and always focus on close collaboration with our customers to assess their exact needs, and invent solutions that deliver optimal performance.

Custom-made developments have been conducted in the following areas:

  • Engineered ceramic binders and compounds for use in industrial processes,
  • Parts and systems designed for exposure to heat or fire,
  • Geopolymeric binder and matrix systems,
  • Glass-ceramic matrix systems for structural composites,
  • Tooling for the processing of thermoset or thermoplastic polymers,
  • Tooling for the processing of specialty metals,
  • Under-the-hood components for automotive applications,
  • Wave guide,
  • Integration of high-temperature composites in existing and new systems.

Special projects are not the exception for us, but our daily business. Please, contact us with your questions regarding high temperature materials, and let us deliver your solution.