Resistant to elevated temperatures

Pyromeral composite materials resist very well to elevated temperatures and can advantageously replace metallic components on hot spot areas in vehicles.
For instance, PyroSic is 2x lighter than Titanium alloys and 4x lighter that Steels or Inconels.
When used, our products enable to save weight on equipments like UAVs, missiles or aircrafts, in exhaust areas but also for thermostructural components.

Thus, vehicles uses less fuel and then can either enhance their outreach or their payload or their velocity.

In another vein, our PyroXide technology (due to its RadioFrequencies performances), enables to design and manufacture lightweight and complex shapes radomes.
The material retains also mechanical properties at elevated temperature (up to 1200-1300°C), which can lead to application in radomes, leading edges or external skin components for hypersonic vehicles.


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Thank to our expertise in the manufacturing of high temperature composite parts and our recognized reactivity, we can provide you efficient solutions to your projects.