Oxide / Oxide Composites (PyroXide)

Pyromeral has developped its own oxide CMC material solution since 2013 (Patent has been published in 2019).

PyroXide® is an oxide CMC material based on Pyromeral Proprietary matrix reinforced with Aluminium Oxide fibre (Al2O3) like Nextel 610 Alumina fibers.

This material technology enables to manufacture complex shape components that can withstand elevated temperature (up to 1200°C / 2200°F) while maintaining mechanical properties.

At ambient temperature PyroXide® composites present interesting mechanical properties combined to low density. In fact, it shows a flexural strength of 300 MPa, a modulus equals to 70 GPa, an interlaminar shear strength beyond 15 MPa, with a macroscopic density of 2.5 g/cm3.


A microstructure with controlled microporosity and a total absence of macroporosities

Unlike standard Oxide-CMCs, PyroXide® material shows a microstructure with a controlled microporosity, including an almost total absence of macroporosities and microcracks linked to shrinkage of thermal treatment.

PyroXide® presents also interesting Radio Frequencies properties: for instance, it has an Epsilon’ value of 5.0 in the range of 8 GHz to 18 GHz at ambient temperature, whereas the Tan varies from 8.0 to 18.0 in that range.

Thank to malleability and easy handling of PyroXide prepregs, we can manufacture, with varying thicknesses, complex geometry composite parts using lay up process. Large-scale prototypes (more than 3 meter wingspan) can thus be produced in one shot, displaying aerospace surface quality and interesting mechanical properties.

Thank to these properties and also the high temperature resistance, typical of oxide-CMCs, this technology finds its applications in the field of Defense, Industry and in the development of Ultra High Speed Vehicles.

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